tisdag 3 april 2012

Back in the snow

(Henrik Nielsen)

We all would like to thank our hosts in England for contributing to a successful journey and work experience. 

We will especially thank The B@rplace; Innovation Café; The Milk Bar; Moyles Hotel, Bar and Restaurant; Alternative Technology Centre and Heart Gallery - all in Hebden Bridge. Gordon Riggs Garden Centre; The Bear Shop; Hartley's Tea Room and The Pextenement Cheese Company - all in Todmorden.

Furthermore, we thank the staff at the youth hostels YHA Haworth and YHA Mankinholes. We especially thank the warden at YHA Mankinholes, Christine Bramley for making us feel very welcome and at home.

Personally, I'd like to thank B@rplace; Moyles Hotel, Bar and Restaurant and The Top Brink Inn for letting me use their Wifi - what made continously updating this blog possible.

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