fredag 20 april 2012

Work experiences presented in English

(Henrik Nielsen)

Many were interested as 8th and 9th grade from Vuollerims Friskola invited to an Open House event to talk about their trip to England and their well-conducted practice there.

It was "full house" for the Open House day in Vuollerims Friskola Thursday the 19th of April. 

Mates from the younger classes, guests from the municipal school across the street, parents and other interested people from the local area had come to know more and support the event.

Teachers and pupils had worked hard all week to get ready with all the practical. 

Guests were welcomed into the "Teaspoon Café" and afterwards they were assembling to hear and see pupils' presentations of their experiences on their “England jobs.” 

All these presentations were in English in front of a not negligible number of spectators. 
It is a major achievement of pupils on this level to get their nerves under control and then simultaneously hold together the material, and even presenting it in English. 

Pupils from 9th grade presenting their work placement experiences were Amanda Pettersson and Jessica Pettersson. From 8th grade it was Felipe Velasquez, Niko Sisopha, Camilla Karlström, Jessica Mellberg, Olivia Nordqvist, Elin Eriksson and Malin Skalstad. 

At halftime coffee and tea was served and several kinds of cakes too.  

"The Beatles" were reunited for the occasion and played the songs From me to You, I Saw Her Standing There, Yesterday and Yellow Submarine.

It was Olivia as Paul McCartney, Amanda P as George Harrisson, Camilla Karlström as John Lennon, Henrik was Ringo Star and we are grateful that Frank Gold backed us up with his guitar. 

Before the last work experience presentations it was possible to visit a tourist office created for the occasion. Here it was possible to get an idea of ​​what areas we had visited in England.

It was a successful event which brought an end to this year's travel activities, and teachers and pupils thank all attendees for their interest and support!

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