lördag 24 mars 2012

Flat tire and change of plans

(Henrik Nielsen)

Did I say tired? Well, I guess Sir Thomas wasn't that tired. He was up before dawn jogging. What an energy! That's nothing for Lord Nielsen!

Breakfast was plenty.... sausages, scrambled eggs, baked beans, fried potatoes, yoghurts – Jessica ate a yoghurt with toffee!!!???? Ufff. Everyone got up in time for breakfast and were soon ready to leave for York and Jorvik Viking Museum.

One problem occured though. We had a flat tire on the rear left wheel. Marcus, Tim, Felipe and Bit tried to change it, but the spare tire was locked underneath the car and there were no key nor tools to fix our problem.

I called EuropCar for assistance clicking and pressing my way through endless choises of services I didn't need. To make a long story short, help turned up two hours later. It was Steven who came to help us. He didn't succed either so I had to drive to Keighley on a semi-flat tire spending another 1½ hour at the Kwik-Fit.

I was back at the hostel in Haworth at 1 pm. We decided to go to York tomorrow to have time enough there. Instead we headed for Wakefield where the National Mining Museum (http://www.ncm.org.uk/) is situated. We booked a trip into the mine 140 metres under the ground. Unfortunately we can not show you any pictures from down there as we had to leave all electronics on the surface. Mines tends to occasionally contain gas. Therefore ignition of an electronic device could cause an explosion.

It was a great museum to visit, and somehow we were well prepared since we had been reading a lot about the Industrial Revolution in England. Not all were cool with going down in the elevator... but everyone did and I think it was brave. It was great to see all of us with helmets and battery and lamps over our shoulders.

Our students are very much focussed on British culture. As you can see certain products at Tescos' were immensely fascinating to them. Also Tim found something he liked. I do think though that he was more interested in testing his teachers heart and blood pressure. Tim knows that we do not allow energy drinks in school since we not only want to keep my blood pressure safe, but especially want the student to have a constant and adequite blood suger level.

Well, at home at Haworth it was time for dinner. Starter was a vegetable soup. Most students got chicken and bacon overbaked with cheese for the main course. Anette and I got a 'Pork and Apple Pot'. Desert was either a brown sticky suger goo :/ or fresh fruit salad. Do I need to say what I ate?
In the dining room they have a lovely machine. It is a water cooler. We need that in school at home. All students agree on that!

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