lördag 31 mars 2012

Single palt vs single malt

(Henrik Nielsen)

While the Swedish spend their saturday evening getting deeper into English culture by eating ”palt” - big, boiled, Swedish balls made of grated potatoes and flour with some salted pork in the center – I decided getting deeper into Swedish culture by running down to The Top Brink Pub and eat a wonderful Beef, Guinness and Stilton Pie and drink a Diet Coke ;)
I did invite Felipe – another traumatized fugitive from Swedish home cooking, but he had allready fallen so much asleep that he took a rain check.

 By the way Beef, Guinness and Stilton Pie is a very tasty pie from prime diced beef and creamy stilton in a rich gravy made with draught Guinness topped with a shortcrust pastry lid. Mmmmm it was served with freshly steamed vegetables and crispy chips. 

To get away from my duty at the dishes after ”palt kalaset” I had to promise to fix breakfast alone tomorrow before we leave for Blackpool. 

Tomorrow is our last day in this beautiful landscape. We are celebrating our achievements here at Pleassure Beach in Blackpool with fast food and rollercoasters.
Look at these happy faces when they discovered that tonights menu was palt:

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