tisdag 27 mars 2012

Let's go visit some students at work

(Amanda Högström)

Heart Gallery is a shop with art, mugs and jewels. They sell a lot of different things. I start at 10:30 and I am off work at 15:30. Besides speaking a lot of English I also have polished silverware, washed windows and cleaning tables. The shop is very tidy.

The Heart Gallery is a good place for work experience. Everyone there is nice and understand what you are saying. If I don't understand what they say, they just speak slower and clearer.
Nothing is wrong with this place - I like it a lot.*

Bit and Marcus worked at The Alternative Technology Centre (ATC) which is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1999 on the banks of the Rochdale Canal in Hebden Bridge.
It’s an educational resource centre with the aim to make sustainability achievable and simply irresistible by working from a strong base within the local community to provide inspiration, accessible information and advice to improve the quality of life using sustainable means – economic, environmental and social.

The Calder Valley was the powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution and ATC has among other things  looked at the potential for putting hydro power back in.
Another new project at the ATC is the CYCLE RECYLCE.
Cycle recycle aims to reuse unwanted bikes – stopping them from being put into landfill (or the canal) – and helping people to be able to buy bikes at a reasonable price.
It also hopefully encourages more people to get out of their cars and onto their bikes, get fit and have some fun at the same time.
Among the work Bit and Marcus did was sorting out boxes and painting window frames. They were both very happy with their work experience at The Alternative Technology Centre (ATC) and like the people working there very much.*

(Camilla Karlström)

My work placement B@rplace is a hotel in the centre of Hebden Bridge.
I've met three women who is working there. It is Lesley, Chris and Penny. They're all very nice and polite to me. They are taking good care of me.

The tasks I do there aren't hard. My collegues are giving me small and easy things to do now and then. Some time I spend in the bar drinking lemonade ;)
Examples of what I have been doing: I have been filling small salt and pepper containers, folded napkins, sorted out knifes and forkes, been instructed in how to operate the coffee machine, polished silverware, cut out paper tablecloths. I have also been doing dishes!

Here in in Hebden Bridge the sun is really shining these days and everybody wants to sit outside. That makes B@rplace a little empty and quiet, since we have no serving outside.
This place is very peaceful and I do really like to work here. My working hours aren't too long either ;) I can recommend this place as a work experience place for my schoolmates in the future!*

(Elin Eriksson)

The Milk Bar is a nice place with a happy atmosphere. It is very colourful. No boring grey - no no it's blue and pink!
I work with Harriet. She is really cool.
Some of my tasks are testing milkshakes. Today I tested a new kind called "Skitels." Mmmm it was very tasty.

I have learned how to make milkshakes the best way. Since it is very hot we have a lot of customers who want to cool down.  Now we are out of ice cream. I think we will get more tomorrow.
I have also been working with my work experience log.*

(Jessica Petterson)

Today at the Innovation Cafe I learned how to make salads and sandwiches too.
In the morning Anna and Nigel were there. Liz dropped in just before lunch. A new girl came to work there after lunch. Her name is Ella. Beth came around two o'clock. I found out that Annas real name is Annalise. I think it's a beautiful name.
My job today was to serve the food at the tables to all the costumers in the cafe.
I think that everyone I have met here in England are very nice to me. I really like my work experience place.
Nigel is really a lot of fun, joking all the time. Liz is calling me ”little chic”. I don't mind. I think it is cute!
I am really enjoying my time at the Innovation Cafe.*

(Jessica Mellberg)

Moyles Hotel and Restaurant is very cozy and hygenic . The rooms at the hotel are big and beautiful.
Today we have cleaned a lot of rooms and I have been hoovering a lot.
Yesterday I clean all banisters in the staircases.
At lunch time I met with my classmates at a place called "Deli love food." It took a long time to get the food, but it was worth waiting for. I came back a bit late for work :/  I was cleaning the hotelrooms with a girl called Pauline. She thought that I am American or English. I take that as a compliment! I have also cleaned 222 pieces of silverware. I am vey happy with my work experience place.*

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  1. Elin is gonna make me sooo much milkshakes this summer =)