torsdag 1 mars 2012

Why do we travel?

We give priority to traveling because we want to contribute to and enhance the students' ability in

• communication and language skills
• international experience
• creative problem solving skills
• “action preparedness” in unfamiliar situations

We see traveling as an interdisciplinary workshop where the practical and theoretical studies are converted into real personal skills. We believe that through the physical meeting with "textbook knowledge" - for instance geography, history, culture and language - learning becomes a more meaningful and positive contribution to our students thoughts about future learning and development.

During the trip, the students will be in a five day work experience.

Before the trip many thoughts, expectations and concerns will appear. It is important that all this will be carefully worked through at home in school, sorting out as many questions as possible before the trip. When the students return from the trip, they will probably take home many - more or less digested - impressions and experiences about the country, the people encountered, the phenomenon of traveling and being together in a group in a different and more comprehensive way than they have been used to in their everyday lives. It is important that the students will be given the opportunity to process, sort and classify these impressions so that the impressions will be placed in a meaningful context that gives them a chance to reflect together to establish a basis for gaining new impressions and experiences.

After the trip, we will work with the follow-up in school. The result, will be presented at an open house arrangement later in the semester.

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