onsdag 28 mars 2012

The Cheese makers

Amanda and Olivia painting cheese at the Pextenement Farm. / Foto: C.S. Warburton.

(Amanda Pettersson)

Pextenement Cheese Company is a company that makes cheese from their own organic milk. The company is a cooperation between Carl S. Warburton and Sandra Evens. Carl makes the cheese and Sandra owns the farm with cows. They started the company in 2008. They make quite a few kinds of cheese. For instance a cheese called Pexommier. That cheese taste of a lot and when you cut it cream flows out of it.

For work experience I think it's a great place to be. It's calm and people there really takes care of you. The view, the panorama is very beautiful from up the and that makes the experience even more calm and beautiful.
I have really liked to be with the cows and I learned a lot at the Pextenement Farm. I would love to come back one day to see if it is still the same as now.
We have been very lucky with the weather all week. Heat and sunshine. The view is wonderful from there. You can see far over hills and houses.

I can without hesitation recommend this place to other students as a place for work experience. If you go there I am almost certain that you will experience things you never thought you would do. You have to be ready to work hard sometimes and it can be difficult but at the same time it is fun!*

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