torsdag 29 mars 2012

A hike to the Pike

(Henrik Nielsen)

After work at 16:30ish we all met at the parking lot in front of The Milk Bar in Hebden Bridge. Our aim was to walk home from Hebden Bridge via Stoodley Pike to the youth hostel in Mankinholes - a walkers' action of nine british miles. Thomas and Anette provided bottled fresh water and then we were off.

Felipe and Tim soon left us behind even though Bit and I had them in sight for a long time. It was very nice to walk and talk with Bit. You always laugh a lot with him!

Behind us the others also made progress. Olivia found her own trail... went back on the main road and found the "car way" to Mankinholes. Not less of a challenge.

At the Pike St. Thomas the apostle awaited us. He had been driving one car back to Mankinholes. That would make it easier for us to pick up the other car we left behind at Hebden Bridge.

We tried to make a group photo at Stoodley Pike... it is not an easy exercise. Did we succeed... judge yourself.

Accompanying  parents on the trip: Anette and Thomas
It was a wonderful hike. I am more than certain that students, parents and teacher were proud of the achievement.

I have to state here that Marcus and Thomas were the first at the pike already two days ago. Amanda P and Anette on second place being there yesterday!*

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