torsdag 29 mars 2012

Sheep experiences

(Jessica Mellberg)

Before dinner Elin came and asked me if I wanted to go outside for a walk and I said yes. We brought our cameras to take some pictures. When we had walked a bit, we saw a barn with sheep in. 

I also saw a man standing next to the barn and I asked:
- Who owns the sheep in this barn?
- I do, he answered.

I also asked if we could go into the barn and look at the small and very cute little lamb. He told us we could and we went into the barn. Elin heard a sound in the there. It sounded like a sheep breathing very heavily. In one of the booths a sheep stood and was about to give birth to a little lamb. Next to the mommy-sheep a little, little newborn lamb stumbled by. 

After that Niko came to us, she also wanted to see the sheep. Later on we heard a sound and it was the owner of the sheep coming. He said that he was just going to get some gloves and see if the sheep was going to give birth to any more in there. He put his hand in and he told us that there was two more babies in there! He took them out and they were both alive. We just saw three, small, wet and very, very cute lamb being born.

Now the food was ready. We said thank you for this wonderful experience and went back to Mankinholes Youth Hostel.*

7 kommentarer:

  1. Vilken fantastisk berättelse och vilken film! Jag önskar verkligen att jag hade varit där! Ser att ni har det bra. Passa på att njut och fortsätt att ha era sinnen öppna så att ni kan ta tillvara alla nya erfarenheter. Varma hälsningar från Britta O

  2. Haha! Coolt! Du - Jessi M - ba': "Ja, men han vet ju vad han gör" XD HAHAHAHAH! Jag tror att O saknar dig lite ;3 Hehe, ha det bra allihopa, så syns vi imorn ;D
    Med vänliga hälsningar

  3. Haha, vad söta dom är. Jessi.M: han vet vad han gör. Det var bäääääääääst.