lördag 31 mars 2012

Liverpool - The history of teenage culture then and now

(Henrik Nielsen)
Saturday morning. Everybody tired after a week of working. Breakfast 7:30 to 8:30 and then on our way to Liverpool. Passengers were awfully quiet. Only Camilla woke up now and then and told me to go right and left. Thank God for that.

1½ hours later we floated into the parking lot at Albert Docks. From here we only had to cross the street to visit "The Beatles Story"– or "The Beatles Museum". Our story in Liverpool started with this just as the Beatles in the post-war-years.

Liverpool was heavily bombed during the Second World War. Bombcraters littered the city well after the war ended. There was rationing. There was poverty. The war and its aftermath were foremost in the minds of the people of Liverpool.

This dark and difficult atmosphere affected everyone. But it gave birth to a generation that was ready to break out of the constraints of the post-war years and into a new era. Four of these war-babies were John, Paul, George and Ringo.

I like this museum very much with its extensive information about The Beatles and the persons around them. It is somewhat an interactive experience since you decide the tour pace yourself by pressing the right information number on your ”ipod” whenever you are ready to listen.
The Fabulous Four

I think our students gave it a fair chance and some even liked it. I have an ambition for the open house arrangement at school in Vuollerim the 19th of April – that is that we will be able to play a couple of Beatles songs for everybody there.

Done with the mandatory feature of ancient culture we unleashed the students and left them to an afternoon as power-shoppers downtown Liverpool.

... and off they went.

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